About the David Leonardis Galleries

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At the height of the Recession in 1990 David Leonardis started collecting art. When he realized he wanted to collect more art than he could afford he got a job working at a gallery. Eight months later, allied with Howard Finster, Chris Peldo, Glenn Wexler, and Andy Kane, he turned a few profitable art sales into a commitment to own and operate the David Leonardis Gallery.

Twenty-eight years later the Wicker Park gallery has not only survived another ignoble recession, but we are at the forefront of 21st century American Art. DLG also carries 19th-century French lithographs and 20th century Contemporary, Pop, Folk Art, and Photography. David’s focus is simple: “I enjoy making people and corporations happy by selling them art.”

The DLG features a yearly “Instant art collection” group show. We suggest that you buy one of each of the artists we’ve chosen to exhibit. This way, individuals and corporations find it easy to acquire a well-rounded collection.

The David Leonardis Gallery here in Chicago also works with the artists and the clients to produce commissions and encourages people to take advantage of its Mastercard/VISA acceptance options or the DLG payment plan. Cash discounts are always available as well, but you still have to pay the tax. It’s our duty as citizen folks.

Come visit David and the friendly staff at David Leonardis Gallery in Wicker Park. Arrive ready to start or expand your personal art collection. We’ll find art that is meaningful to you and that makes you happy. Happy art buyers are what DLG is all about. Come in today – your walls will be happy you did.

In 2007, in order to honor the folk art icon, Howard Finster, and to reach an even broader group of art lovers, I opened the Howard Finster Vision House Museum and Gallery in Summerville, Georgia. Click Here to visit the Vision House as it has come to be called.

Howard Finster is the grandfather of American Folk Art. His unique story is one well told and his legacy is there for you and the millions of people whose lives have been brightened by the vision of this simple, humble, God fearing, man.

– DL