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As of this writing the DLG has placed 722 Donald Topp art works in the hands of happy collectors in the past 6 years 7 months and 15 days. That’s 1 every 2.75 days for the whole time when I’m at the DLG Chicago. No artist I know of can say the same about their art works. Donald Topp is on fire and his work is clearly reaching a wide range of collectors. My advice is to get as many as you can now because they will clearly be going up in value!


Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Girls

Hand Painted Signed Limited Edition Serigraphs
Framed 26.5"x20.5"
Edition: 6-11

Donald Topp paints and silkscreens these in limited editions of 6-11. Here at the DLG we receive 4 from each edition and offer the first 3 at $800 each to the public. I personally buy the last one from each edition. If you want that last one, the price is available upon request.


Available at $800

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Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Boys
Available at $450

16" x 20" Icons and varied works on paper
$250 Framed - $175 Unframed

18"x24" Rockstars and Icons
$300 framed $225 unframed

Rare Works on Board

DLG Private Collection Exclusives

Price available upon request.

Donald Topp’s work questions the effect of pop culture through the deconstruction of cultural icons, story-book characters, and super heroes we are all familiar with from our childhood. He successfully challenges how these icons are shaping our understanding of gender-roles and the pressure being put onto women through these ubiquitous and mass-produced images.

His pop art imagery is visually striking and humorous, often invoking a wonderful sense of nostalgia in the viewer. Only upon closer inspection does his powerful critical view on pop culture become apparent.

Donald Topp draws all of his images by hand before creating his colorful and unique art works by combining various materials and approaches with his clean silk screen work.

In Topp’s popular “Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Girl” series the artist says that the background images are the pressures on women. Having a wife and a son and daughter gives insight to Topp’s fascination with these empowered female icons and the pressures his own daughter will face going through life.

Topp’s ability to capture the popular culture and also give a poignant social commentary is nothing short of genius.

Black & White Serigraphs French Floated
Edition of 10 or less $500 each

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