Matt Lamb - "Resurrection Art Exhibit"
November 22nd 6-9pm

Art Lovers,

Matt Lamb’s art has been experiencing a new influx of interested collectors. I’ve placed 5 stunning framed works on paper in collectors homes in the past couple of months. As a result, I have reached out to several sources and we will be receiving a fantastic new batch of Matt’s awesome and deeply beautiful paintings in varied sizes and price points.

7 years ago this month, the Matt Lamb family flew me to Dubai to rock with the Billionaires and International Royalty. A fantastic and amazing trip that was about turning his art into $80 a square inch. If you do the math a 19″x24″ original is $36,480. 

You may ask, “Why is the art priced by the inch”? Since Matt Lamb made 40,000 pieces of original art they just figured it would be easier to price them that way. Of course the value of art is subjective and varies depending on many factors, including where it is being sold.

I personally own a fantastic collection of Matt Lamb originals and I can sell them for whatever I want. With that said, I figured we should double down and give the people what they want! I’ll be offering a dozen or so pieces at $1500 each and a dozen more for $1000 each.

If you want my 5’x6′ Matt Lamb paintings, well, that’s another story and you’ll have to have that conversation with me on the phone or in person.
So come on in or send an email, and collect some of the fantastic art available here at the DLG!

To celebrate as we do monthly, I’m having a reception this Friday November 22nd from 6-9pm at the David Leonardis Galleries. As always the PBR, Red Wine and bottled water are on me!

October and November have been Art Collector filled months to be sure! We Love our Happy Art Collectors and they obviously Love us too judging by all the art flying out the door!

There is new art from our collection of working artists. Donald Topp has new Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Girls and icon prints in. Ariel and Velma are new arrivals. Aly Jados has done a vibrant and enthralling series of Monster paintings. Dave Alton has new Pop Crayola crayon drawings. Paul Kostabi has a series of captivating mixed media paintings. Larry Singer has photos of Rock and Roll legends, the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and many more.

The new David Leonardis Galleries website is awesome!

We are continuously updating it and adding new art works and information for your consideration.

The Finster Museum section was updated with a video taken recently of a walking tour of the Howard Finster Vision House Museum Campus and our ever growing extensive permanent collection.


Howard Finster Vision House Museum

Happy Art Buyers

Very simply, here at the DLG I welcome each guest to the gallery and explain the art presented. Then I enlighten the viewers to the concept that ART:

  • builds cognitive development
  • increases empathy
  • has health benefits
  • social benefits
  • identity benefits
  • of course it’s valuable!

The main thing is it’s going to distract your brain and no matter how smart you are or how good you are at what you do you’ll do it better with original 2D Art in your life. It’s true and it works. People are always thanking me for the fantastic effect the art I help them collect has in their lives.

I’m looking forward to an art collector filled year and I will continue to help fantastic art collecting folks with art from the DLG collection, which includes Donald Topp, Matt Lamb, Indrek Paul Kostabi, Matt Geer, Maximilian, Ron English, Giancarlo Montuschi, Marc Hauser, Howard Finster, Peter Hurley, Chris Peldo, Shane Swank, Peter Mars, Jay Steensma, Bruce Bitmead, Kristen Thiele, Mark Kostabi, Bruce Lehto, Marcello Eli, Christopher Makos, Patrick McMullan, John Airo, Andy Kane, Bobby Talamine, Rita Leonardis, David Leonardis, Ben Laskov, Tristan Meinecke, Karl Wirsum, Tom Billings, Pamela Dietrich, Aly Jados, Tara Zanzig and others. 

As an Art Dealer and Gallery Owner for 30 years, I have always known the importance of having a balanced art collection.  I love Pop Art for the way it makes me feel good. It’s direct and happy and familiar.

  • Contemporary Art has a broader scope and can activate a variety of different emotions in different people.

  • Folk Art is enjoyed, in part, for it’s simplicity and honesty of the untrained artist’s creation.

  • Photography is a snapshot of a moment in time that people want to relive for the way it makes them feel. 

I recommend people have several pieces of art from a variety of different artists and now they have a well rounded art collection. 

More and more people are finding that “Collecting art as a lifestyle choice” has incredible benefits. I’ve helped thousands of people begin or enhance their art collections. If you could use some help too, stop on in or give me a call! As always, I offer delivery and installation in Chicago with all of the art here. I will come to your home or office, and put my art art in the best spot! 

We recently placed our 515th Donald Topp in a Happy Collectors home in 4 years and 9 months. It comes to one Donald Topp sold every 2.71 days for the entire time when I’m in town. Or 1 every 3 days for the whole time. The thing about Donald Topp is he’s constantly coming up with fantastic imagery and subject matter. His execution is flawless and, his Icon Prints and Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Girls are constantly connecting with people from all walks of life and all over the world. I’ve sold Topp’s that have gone to Australia, England, Germany, Japan, British Columbia and Dubai. A few more Countries and Continents to go but I’m up for the challenge!  

Howard Finster Vision House Museum update: 

My recent trip to the HFVHM was incredibly fruitful. It started with installing a fantastic vintage Howard Finster serigraph that I purchased for the permanent collection. The crew put siding on the DLG Studio House and installed a kitchen sink. I’m really pushing to get our Air BNB units open. Between the 2 houses we’ll have several suites available. It’s such a calming place and filled with amazing art. Now that’s a perfect combo!

The Howard Finster Vision House Museum campus is really coming along fantastically. The DLG Studio House is a creative oasis. The land shapes up more and more with every visit there from me. As well our new “Lawn Man” Stanley, has been adding some of the fine detail to the land I always look to achieve. The original brick path entrance to the Paradise Gardens was cleared by our new volunteer John Canfield. John’s daughter Zoe also joined in on the work effort and cleaned the glass on a giant swath of the collections framed pieces. Zoe who is a Georgia Tech Art Major will be creating a mural for the Vision House campus. It’s always fantastic to have fresh energy to help push this project into the next steps.

I’m absolutely serious about building a new Contemporary Art Museum that will feature my Art Collection, which I have amassed over 30 years.  After the Museum is built and filled with my Art Collection, then I’ll move forward with reaching out to my collectors who might want to donate art to the Museum Collection. Then, I’ll concentrate on raising money to build a very extensive library of Art by the Great Artist Masters.  I have an architect, I’m ordering the survey, I own the land outright, the new sketched layout we are 3D modeling is coming out amazing and I’m going to march forward towards that end result until I get there. Simple as that. 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration. 

I personally think more people should buy land and art and build an art museum with a 100 year plan to keep it open. I’m a put my money where my mouth is kind of guy and so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Thank you to all my fantastic Art Collectors who have helped me make this possible!

The thing is that I get a real sense of satisfaction honoring my old friend Howard Finster with a Museum filled with art in his original home and entrance to the Paradise Gardens. The least I could do really. I wouldn’t be an art dealer if it weren’t for Howard and for that I am most grateful. 

A major step forward we are still working to find a solution for is the partially uncovered Howard Finster original mural on the back of the Vision House that was painted over before I bought the house. I am currently exploring options to remove the latex paint which is over the original mural painted in tractor enamel. Anyone who is interested in helping restore this lost treasure is invited to contact me. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

I’ve been seriously collecting art since 1989 and I Love the way it makes me look at everything I do in life differently and encourage you to do the same. 

With all of that said. Please remember that nothing makes you feel quite like building your art collection. I can help you out with that! 

Have an art filled day. 


David Leonardis Galleries 
1346 N. Paulina St. 
Chicago, IL 60622 

Howard Finster Vision House Museum 
177 Greeson St. 
Summerville, GA 30747