DLG 30th Anniversary Show!

Art Lovers,

30 years ago this month I opened the David Leonardis Gallery(DLG) in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Now in our 31st year on the block we have the same commitment to helping you acquire amazing original art.

Please stop on by this Friday and or Saturday from 5-8pm for a viewing of the fabulous art here and enjoy a beverage while you’re at it.

Of particular interest is the collection of 16 newly received signed, silver gelatin, original photographs of Andy Warhol by Christopher Makos. Christopher and many of these photos are featured in the brand new Netflix docu series , “The Andy Warhol Diaries”. It was amazing for me to see this and realize I have had personal interaction with a dozen people featured. Andy Warhol was a major influence on me in becoming an Art Dealer and I set out to meet people in his circle to learn from them. It’s quite an installation we have here and a fantastic showing of Andy’s life through the years.

2022 has already been a fantastic year for helping our happy art collectors improve their art collections at the DLG, aka Wicker Park’s OG art gallery. With a wide range of rad Pop Art by the internationally-renowned Peter Mars, Donald Topp and local artist Chris Peldo, to Folk Art by the super-power holder The Reverend Howard Finster, and can’t forget the classic works by contemporary artist Matt Lamb and oil painter Peter Hurley. For the full list of mind-blowing artists available, see here.

Lucky for you, all featured artists blend well together and make for a full collection. Whether you are a seasoned collector – or merely interested in diving into the scene and reaping all of the cognitive and investment benefits (and coolness), this is the perfect place to start.

If it’s been a while since you popped in, come on down to see what’s new! We now have over 200 works on paper by renowned Pop artist Peter Mars, including an extensive selection of many of his most popular and classic imagery. As well we acquired 40 new to the gallery largescale Matt Lamb abstract and figurative paintings. There’s always something new here at the DLG.

A friendly reminder: The average one-bedroom apartment requires 21 pieces of art to look smokin’! All of this mindblowingly cool art looks better in your home.

At the DLG, we are driven by making cool art affordable to all levels of art collectors. We offer payment plans, tax-free Sundays, and other perks in order to make sure that if you fall in love with a piece of art, it’s yours!

I always say, “The collector should only buy the art if they love it. However, if they’re buying it from a savvy art dealer whose job is to raise or supress the prices accordingly… Well then, there’s nothing wrong with that!”

Also some exciting news – The DLG website is now e-commerce capable and we’re on www.Artsy.net, offering the ability to browse and build your collection from your phone!

Our Instagram and Tik-Tok game is strong! Check out our amazing content on both platforms.

Stay safe!

Yours in Art!
My very best,
David Leonardis

Matt Lamb

The museums, located in various corners of the world, dedicated to this great American painter stand as testament to his influence as an artist and as a human being. Born in Chicago in 1932. Matt Lamb dedicated the last half of his life to using art to spread his message of peace, tolerance, hope, communication, and love among human kind. When you own the art of Matt Lamb you not only own great art, you own a significant part of the global effort to bring peace to humankind which is a big deal in and of itself. 

Happy Art Buyers

Mainly, art is a tool to distract the brain, showing beneficial outcomes by;

  • Building cognitive development
  • Increasing empathy
  • Physical health benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Forming identity benefits
  • of course, it’s investment value

It’s been an art collector filled year and continue to help art collecting folks with art from my DLG collection, which includes Donald Topp, Matt Lamb, Indrek Paul Kostabi, Peter Mars, Matt Geer, Maximilian, Ron English, Giancarlo Montuschi, Marc Hauser, Howard Finster, Peter Hurley, Chris Peldo, Shane Swank, Jay Steensma, Bruce Bitmead, Kristen Thiele, Mark Kostabi, Bruce Lehto, Marcello Eli, Christopher Makos, Patrick McMullan, John Airo, Andy Kane, Bobby Talamine, Rita Leonardis, David Leonardis, Ben Laskov, Tristan Meinecke, Larry Singer, Tom Billings, Pamela Dietrich, Tara Zanzig, Tom James and others.

As an Art Dealer and Gallery Owner for 30 years, I have always known the importance of having a balanced art collection. Direct, feel-good, Pop Art is personally my favorite style of art, as it may be obvious through my collection, among the other styles of art, including:

  • Contemporary Art has a broader scope and can activate a variety of different emotions in different people.
  • Folk Art is enjoyed, in part, for it’s simplicity and honesty of the untrained artist’s creation.
  • Photography is a snapshot of a moment in time that people want to relive for the way it makes them feel.

More and more people are finding that “Collecting art as a lifestyle choice” has incredible benefits. I’ve helped thousands of people begin or enhance their art collections.

If you could use some help too, stop on in or give me a call! As always, I offer delivery and installation in Chicago with all of the art here. I will come to your home or office, and put my art art in the best spot!

We recently placed our 709th Donald Topp in a happy collector’s home since January 15th, 2015. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent are Topp’s latest pieces to add to the collection. His execution is flawless and, his Icon Prints and Cartoon Tattoo Hipster Girls are constantly connecting with people from all walks of life and all over the world. I’ve sold Topp’s that have gone to Australia, England, Germany, Japan, British Columbia and Dubai. A few more Countries and Continents to go but I’m up for the challenge!

Howard Finster Vision House Museum update:

I finished up the year at the HFVHMC with 3 major capital improvements to the infrastructure.

  • The crew modified the side porch on the DLGG facing the HFVHM.
  • They built a whole new porch on the other side of the DLGG.
  • They also extended the front porch on the HFVHM.

In January we turned a window in the back of the DLGG Viewing Room into a door and now both exterior porches connect through the back interior Viewing Room. Which gives us two forms of egress and now our Air BNB just needs furniture and we’ll be welcoming guests very, soon!

There’s always more work to be done to the HFVHM Campus and the March trip will be fruitful as well.
I had the opportunity to buy back from a collector a Flag serigraph print that Howard Finster himself gave me. I was visiting Howard and buying originals and having him sign a serigraph print edition. While there he showed me a guesthouse building he had filled with art, supplies and serigraphs. He said, “Here’s something to help you out with your work”. Howard was such a giving man. I know he appreciated me promoting him and he was always very interested in me personally. Knowing I didn’t have a lot of my own family interaction at the time he made me feel welcome, appreciated and needed. That continued until quite literally when I visited Howard on his deathbed. He told me, “Well, I’m not feeling so good but you go ahead and get some food out of the ice box”. He was quite literally giving with one of his last dying breaths. I know that during that visit I received his “Death Energy Shot” that has empowered me to do all I have done and all I will still do for theHoward Finster Vision House Museum Campus.

I recently set a 10 year goal to build a new Contemporary Art Museum building on the HFVHMC. It might take longer but I’m taking a page out of Elon Musk’s metaphoric book of advice and shortening the time span it will take to achieve this monumental goal.

Can my 501c3 corp be far off? I think not. I’ve had the plan to fix the HFVHM how I wanted it before I started a 501c3 and we’re 95% there.

Every upgrade is always needed and appreciated. I constantly strive for “Discernible Progress”.  The HFVHM has been a 15 year labor of love and it’s beyond satisfying to see the fruits of my labor come together. Looking forward to having some guests to our AIR B&B the beginning of next year.

Please join us October 9th and 10th during Finster Fest when we will be open and debuting our new improvements.

Have an art filled day.

Howard Finster Vision House Museum &
David Leonardis Gallery Georgia
177 & 197 Greeson St.
Summerville, GA 30747