Ken Brown has been creating films, photographs, cartoons, and design objects for over thirty years. Though perhaps best known for his peculiar and distinctive postcards and graphic products including wrapping paper, rubber stamps, T-shirts etc., he has also had a long career as an independent filmmaker. He produced and directed numerous experimental films, animations, and video documentaries, as well as dozens of short commissions for MTV, VH1, Sesame Street, and other clients. Ken’s photographs, digital editions, and silkscreen prints have been exhibited throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.
I first started collecting Ken Brown’s art in 1989. It struck me as reminiscent of the 1950’s advertising style. I simply had to have “The Dance of the Maladroit Accountants”. I didn’t even have an accountant then but that piece turned me into an art collector and I haven’t stopped collecting art since!

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