I had heard it said that it was good business for an art dealer to work with the collection of a deceased artist. So when I saw Tristan Meinecke’s art was available it seemed like a great fit. I worked with the family to frame a whole series of his works on paper and original paintings in fantastic modern framing. As a result I sold 10 or more fantastic Tristan Meinecke paintings and wall sculptures.

These are my last two Tristan Meineckes and they are amazing examples of pre-WWII art. Modern contemporary art is traditionally seen as starting in 1945. These pieces show that Tristan Meinecke was ahead of his time from the very beginning. Outstanding original art works for the savvy, discerning collector.


Much has been written about this prolific Chicago artist and his equally formidable wife Angel Casey. He was also a successful Architect, Musician, Composer, Writer, and general observer of the human condition. He is known for Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Found Art, and his well established form called Split-Level Painting. Recognized as revolutionary, he pioneered multiple styles and created in a mind-boggling array of mediums. Inarguably, Tristan Meinecke left us a huge legacy of revolutionary art.

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