Aly Jados is a fantastic painter/musician. You may remember her from her appearances on American Idol and The Voice. Her band Blood People played Riot Fest and continues to tour. I always say an artist who collects art knows how to paint art that sells and Aly has proven me right as she too is a DLG art collector.

Clearly an artist on a huge upward arc. Get these fantastic original paintings while they’re still here!


Aly Jados and David Leonardis
David Leonardis and Aly Jados

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Aly Jados Happy Art Buyer
Happy Art Buyer of an Aly Jados
Nick with, "The Mountains Become Breasts at Joshua Tree".
Diana with "Twiggy".

DLG TV live video and Blood People full set with Aly Jados at Wicker Park Fest 2019.

The audio on my camera is not so great. You’ll have to turn it down low to hear it. Or turn it off and just enjoy the magnificent visual beauty that is Aly Jados and Blood People.