“I approach my work very physically and almost vicariously as a dance. The way I attack the canvas, there’s back and forth and ebbs and flows of energy. In some respects, it’s almost as if I’m a frustrated dancer living vicariously through their movements.”
– Peter Hurley
Peter Hurley is well known for painting a fantastic mural at the East Bank Club in Chicago’s upscale River North neighborhood. He brings to the table a variety of talents, the ability to create new work and a treasure trove of a storage locker filled with fantastic oil paintings.
The DLG has placed more 2 dozen incredible Peter Hurley paintings and drawings in collections from Chicago to Sweeden in the past year and a half.
Please stop in or request to see more incredible oil paintings from Peter’s incredible archive.
David and Peter Hurley Selfie
David Leonardis and Peter Hurley, 2018

Original Peter Hurley Paintings

Peter Hurley Collectors