“I approach my work very physically and almost vicariously as a dance. The way I attack the canvas, there’s back and forth and ebbs and flows of energy. In some respects, it’s almost as if I’m a frustrated dancer living vicariously through their movements.”
– Peter Hurley
Peter Hurley is well known for painting a fantastic mural at the East Bank Club in Chicago’s upscale River North neighborhood. He brings to the table a variety of talents, the ability to create new work and a treasure trove of a storage locker filled with fantastic oil paintings.
The DLG has placed more 2 dozen incredible Peter Hurley paintings and drawings in collections from Chicago to Sweeden in the past year and a half.
Please stop in or request to see more incredible oil paintings from Peter’s incredible archive.
David and Peter Hurley Selfie
David Leonardis and Peter Hurley, 2018

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