I remember in grade school someone wanted to buy this drawing of a flamingo I did. I asked my Mother and she said it was cool. I think it was $20. I bought comic books with it. Now I sell Pop Art and also make my own. Where is the surprise?

The 2015 group is a bit different than the 200 or so drawings I’ve made in this series from the last 20 years-ish. I started them in the middle of the “Polar Vortex”. You remember that? It was cold and people stayed inside. I made drawings. On one of the larger pieces I created, I counted, and there are like 1000 words on it. It says a lot of really cool, interesting and diverse things. A lot of wisdom. This whole series is like that. A lot of words and colors and they’re all similar but different.

I have been asked why I keep drawing the same face. I said that he wasn’t done telling us everything he had to say. So when he’s done and I feel like it I’ll make some different art. But for now, I love this series and I’m very proud of them and I know they’re valuable as well.


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