The American Folk Art Icon whose works forthrightly articulate a vision of all-encompassing love, peace, and harmony. This characteristic forthrightness is integral to Howard Finster’s life and work, and is completely lacking in guile. This rare quality gives his works a purity that reaches out to all humans regardless of cosmology or lack of same.

David Leonardis has collected Finster since 1990 when he introduced himself to the artist. Over time they became close friends. DL was so moved by Finster’s simple ethos that he single-handedly developed the The Howard Finster Vision House Museum. The museum houses over 300 Finster and family member artworks in its permanent collection.

Now Howard Finster’s art is recognized and sought after. Select pieces command top dollar. At David Leonardis Galleries we strive to keep these compelling works available to all via the DLG payment plan. We and many others love them. You can take home a Howard Finster too! Just call or text and David will make it happen!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch an interview with David Leonardis on the Howard Finster Vision House Museum Touring Collection.

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Watch the "eye on ART(s)" interview of David Leonardis for the Howard Finster Vision House Museum Touring Collection exhibit at the West Kentucky Community and Technical College below: