Chris Peldo made the Absolut Illinois art for the Absolut Statehood Campaign created by Absolut Vodka. He was also in the first show at the DLG in 1992 and his edgy art works are still available here at the DLG. I sold Discover Card a Chris Peldo cow sculpture filled with garbage for $25,000 in 2001. His Michael Jordan garbage ball was sold to Disney for $15,000 and then Bristol Myers Squibb bought a Screaming Head painting for $20,000. Peldo skillfully blends pop art and abstract expressionism in a manner likened to if Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock had a kid.


Original Artworks

Every Day Cow by Chris Peldo

Sold to Discover Card by David Leonardis in 1999 for $25,000

Chris Peldo original art on blue wall
Signed Absolut Illinois from USA Today, 1992 $150 Framed, Signed Absolute Illinois Lithograph, 1992 $1500 Framed, Signed Painted “9 Flag” on canvas, 1990 $10,000 Framed, Signed “The Drummer” on wood, 1995 $3500 Framed